Our Mission

Disruptive Reality’s mission is to be used by the Holy Spirit to lead the Christian Church back to the foundational truths of our faith and heritage. Truth is central to the Christian faith inasmuch as the enemies of God have been fighting against his people with lies since the Garden of Eden.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

We strive to fulfill our mission by using a variety of media venues to proclaim the truth of God as written in his Word. One of our primary resources is our website, where visitors can take advantage of:

  • Bible study videos based on the line by line approach
  • Short, text-based devotions taken from Scripture
  • Worship resources designed for worship leaders
  • Important news relating to Christianity
  • Helpful blog posts covering the most common topics

We have big plans for the future, as the Lord wills. We would like to begin a daily talk radio program during which callers can ask questions about Scripture and get competent, truthful answers. Public speaking engagements and worship gatherings are another eventual goal. The Disruptive Reality team looks forward to the day when we can bring our message to Christian churches in person.

Why We Do What We Do

While it may seem like this ministry exists to cause trouble for the Church, that is not the case. Likewise, any perceptions that we are spreading hate are completely unfounded. Everything we teach and promote is based on Scriptural truth. Bear in mind one of the questions Paul posed to the Judaizers in the Galatian church:

“Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” ~ Gal. 4:16

We do what we do because we genuinely desire to see the Church made free from the overwhelming darkness that now envelops it. We want to see Christian believers move beyond mere salvation to become actual disciples of Christ, sold out to serve him no matter what.

Our Vision

Disruptive Reality’s vision is to make II Chron. 7:14 a reality in the USA by leading the Christian Church to return to the LORD, based on the truth of Scripture and a genuine desire to be the disciples Jesus would have us be.