Peace and Good Will In Jesus – Luke 2:1-20

We like to think of the Christmas season as a time of peace among men. We hear messages to that effect every year at this time. Interestingly, since I was a kid, I have enjoyed going out for a walk in the neighborhood on Christmas eve. Everything is so peaceful and quiet. Perhaps there is some Divine influence present, but I suspect the main reason it’s so quiet is that people are home with their families.

Regardless, to whatever extent there is peace and tranquility during the Christmas season, that is not the point of it all. The world sees the Christmas message of peace and good will as being peace and good will among men, created by men who decide to stop fighting. That’s not at all what God had in mind when he sent Jesus to this earth. His idea of peace and good will is vastly different. We need to understand that idea.



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Posted on: December 17, 2023